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    The libraries & learning resources department vision is to supports the educational organization in Yanbu Industrial City that enhance the instructional and educational mission of higher education in RC Yanbu.

    To see learning resources and libraries as fundamental to the curriculum and assessment, a catalyst of life-long learning and achievement for all the LRC users.

    The objectives of the LRC are:

    • To strengthen the academic and intellectual endeavor of our users, in their curriculum and instructional requirements.

    • To support curriculum and assessment; and are committed to the dissemination of knowledge and improvement in the intellectual content of the users.

    • To help students and other LRC users become information literate.

    • To help students and other LRC users become lifelong learners and encourage them to read.

    • To support higher education and learning by providing information services to meet the needs of students and faculty.

    • To encourage scientific research.