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    If you wish that the LRC considers purchasing book/item that is not available in our collection, please send email to the lrc@rcyci.edu.sa with complete information of the book/item. Click here to download book request form

    If a particular item is not available at the YIC LRC, we have arrangements to acquire it from other libraries, both within the kingdom and abroad. You may send request to lrc@rcyci.edu.sa.

    Faculty members can use the LRC photocopy for the printing of transparencies and students handouts free of cost.

    LRC provides series of various instructional support programs with different time frame. This includes seminars, workshops on several instructional and research tools. LRC also provides orientation programs, hands on trainings and in-class sessions. LRC also arranges sessions on demands, please feel free and email lrc@rcyci.edu.sa or call 043946180. Following training programs are being offered:

    • Reference/Citation Management Software (EndNote)

    • iThenticate &Turnitin (Plagiarism Checker)

    • LRC Portal: Web Catalog

    • Online Databases

    • E-Journals

    • E-Books

    • Audio/Video Resources

    The Learning Resource Center equipped with modern multimedia tools and resources offers information literacy programs, hands-on trainings, in-class sessions and workshops for the use of different electronic databases to maximize the efficient use of LRC resources and services. LRC also provides video lectures & academic movies facilities.


    Hands on training sessions to enhance the effective use of LRC resources for all the faculty/staff/students are conducting on daily basis. Click Here for details.