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    Lending books is the most essential mainstay for LRC services and information. It is considered one of the most important public services offered by libraries. It is also an indicator for the efficiency of the LRC and its relationship with the local community.

    Borrower Groups No. of Books Loan Periods
    Teaching Staff 8 21 Days
    Bachelor Students 4 15 Days
    Associate Students 3 15 Days
    Non Academic Staff 2 15 Days

    Borrowers can check out the materials they need in accordance with the LRC regulations.

    A borrower may renew all his checkouts which are overdue only for one more time if he still needs them by visiting the circulation desk or e-mailing lrc@rcyci.edu.sa.

    Materials which are requested by another LRC patron can't be renewed and reserved to the requester.


    The LRC section follows up and reminds patrons (directly, indirectly or by any other means deemed suitable) who do not return the materials by the due date.


    A borrower is fined one riyal per day for each overdue material and lending is automatically stopped. Fine continues (inclusive of Thursdays and Fridays) till the borrower returns the material and clears all fines from his record. All official vacations such as Eid al-Fitr and Al-Adha are excluded of the overdue fine period.


    A borrower is obliged to replace the lost or damaged book with an exact similar copy; otherwise, he has to pay fourfold the book price (book price X 4).


    Clearance form will not be signed unless the borrower has returned and cleared overdue materials and fines from his record.